Land Transport

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Sinowide is specialized in land transport services for different routes, covering three major trade areas: China and Hongkong , the Middle East and the Europe. We maintain a focused activity on certain routes, where we grew up to become leaders of the market.
Sinowide? is specialized in all modes of land freight transportation, both domestically and internationally.

Sinowide? services focus on both domestic and international movement of goods by land guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers with cost-effective, reliable and on-time delivery solutions. Sinowide? have access to the full scope of transport solutions from consolidation trucks up to complex truck arrangements for specialized cargo. This means we can manage any kind of cargo from the smallest, most fragile or hazardous to oversized machinery and project cargo.
Sinowide? is one of the fastest growing and recognized full services.
For Land transport, Sinowide? can organize all the road permissions and road surveys required. We can also provide a barge service where possible to transport container, bulk or specialized and project cargo.

When it comes to fast service, done right and with energetic and upbeat staff, no one compares. We are constantly surveying our customers to understand their needs. We have discovered a few simple things they want:

Fast Service

We understand that sometimes you need immediate service. We worked hard to make sure we can accommodate your quick requests by having the right staff and flexible scheduling.

Work done Right the first time

We see no other alternative. This is the main reason our moving staff are also qualified computer service people. This helps us to ensure we avoid problems in the first case.

On-Time Service

How important is this? Massively important to our staff. We know so much is riding on the completion of a technology move or trade show logistics. Human resources are wasted while waiting around for the technology to arrive and readied for use.